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Who are we?

LJG Brabant (Liberaal Joodse Gemeente = Liberal Jewish Community) is a progressive Jewish Community with members in the South of The Netherlands and in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium.

Our community has been established in 1981 and has since grown into a small but vibrant centre of Jewish life. Since our pioneers have started the community, a lot has changed. In 2006 we celebrated our 25th anniversary with our own rabbi in a beautiful historical synagogue and community centre in the city of Tilburg, close to the Belgian border.

We have maintained the original open and tolerant atmosphere where we experience our Jewishness – with full respect for our tradition – in an egalitarian and progressive manner.

Our religious activities include Shabbat morning services every 2-3 weeks as well as the yearly cycle of Jewish holidays, from the High Holidays in autumn until Shavuot in late spring. The yearly Passover Seder, which is celebrated with the whole community, is one of the highlights of our Jewish year.

Several times a year we come together to learn more about our traditions with our rabbi or with other members of our community endowed with special knowledge on specific subjects.

During the Shabbat morning our children follow lessons in Judaism by our qualified teacher who prepares our children for their Bar or Bat Mitswa.

In all events in the Life Cycle such as a Brit Mila (circumcision) for boys, Zewed haBat for girls, Bar and Bat Mitswa-celebrations, Chupah (marriage) or a Jewish funeral, our community participates and assists its members.

Jewish expats, travellers and overseas visitors are welcome to join us during a Shabbat or Holiday celebration.

We look forward to meeting you!

Also a home for liberal Jews from Belgium

In the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, mainly in and around Antwerp, there is a Jewish population of between 15000 and 20000 people. Today, they only have the choice between a number of orthodox communities, ranging from modern- to ultra orthodox.

The progressive stream, which is the largest religious stream within Judaism worldwide, is not represented in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. Therefore LJG Brabant wants to be open to Jews from Belgium who want to express their Judaism in a progressive way. Already now, several of our members live in Belgium.

Our synagogue in Tilburg is very close to the Belgian border and can be reached easily by car or public transport. For more information, please feel free to contact us by telephone (from Belgium): 014-390102.


Synagogue and postal address :
Willem II straat 20
5038 BG Tilburg
telephone 013-5352271 (answering machine)
In Belgium 014/390102

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